Def: angle of incidencenoun PHYSICS  ‘the angle a ray of light makes with a perpendicular to the surface at the point of incidence.’

Welcome to Angles of Incidence Studios. If you’ve made it this far then you must have seen something engaging in our work and for that we are humbly grateful. Reason being is this is the overriding force behind what we do. If the images we produce aren’t making that connection with their target audience then all is lost (dramatic!!).

We setup AOI with the ambition to produce super realistic images and, possibly more importantly, evocative images. We want to create bodies of work that go to any length to show off the detail of the scheme and also capture the viewer’s imagination and causes them to pause, at least for a moment, to consider the possibilities.

What we do

We create interior & exterior CGIs, animated films & walk-throughs, and full 360 VR media – all in stunning photo-realistic definition – with the intent that you can then best convey the vision you want for your projects. It’s this attention to detail that sets us apart.

How we do it

With industry leading software and years of production experience. Our artists have worked on, and lead, large scale projects across multiple areas of the industry; commercial, residential, hospitality and so on. You’d struggle to find something we haven’t dipped into at one time or another.

Over the years, our artists have had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names in the industry including; BDP, Derwent London, Land Securities, Hawkins Brown and many more. We’ve worked right with clients ranging from global scale practices all the way through to independent architects and designers, all of which bring their own uniqueness to each project.

Whether you’re an interior designer looking to visualise your ideas in a realistic medium, or a developer / architect looking for photo-realistic images to use for marketing; whether that be digital media, sales brochures, building hoardings, we can cater for any type of project.

Want to make an impact on your client? We can take your drawings from 2D CAD to a full virtual reality experience, bringing your designs and ideas to life. Have a look at our recent projects page to see what’s possible.

Like to work with us?

Just get in touch and we’ll go from there! Call or email, we will discuss your needs and get back to you with a plan of action, potentially some style references and an outline of costs.

We can then collate your project info; drawings, models, material references etc, and produce a base model for the previs stage that allows us to explore camera compositions and output “white card” images of the scheme to discuss with you.

Then it’s just a case of agreeing the best possible views or camera paths for animations and taking it through lighting, detailed modeling, texturing and post production! Don’t worry, we’re in touch with you at every step with regular meetings and reviews to ensure we deliver exactly what we set out to do.