Interior Visualisation - what you need to know...

With interior visualisation, we have found the best way to make sure the audience engages with the image or animation, is to portray the space in as ‘natural’ a manner as possible. What we mean by this is that our scenes, even the beautifully staged ones, should have elements in them that indicate life. This is important because it enables the viewer to imagine the space being occupied, someone living there, and then in turn imagining themselves doing the same.

We do this through adding in imperfection; an untidy throw, a slightly uneven reflection in a surface, a misaligned dining chair, the morning coffee cups still on the breakfast bar and so on. All these little details add up to a reality the audience can connect with.

Composition is vital to the process. Setting up a shot that feels uncomfortable to the eye will see the viewer disconnect from the image regardless of the content. That’s why we spend time upfront producing a number of compositional studies that best exhibit your design and will help the viewer to engage with the content. 

Lighting is also essential and we explore various options at this early stage as well so we have plenty of time to identify the best solution. Light is a great driver of mood so it will set the tone of the final image. For example; an early morning shot – we like to flood the image with natural light where possible, opening up the space, making it feel open and welcoming. Whereas an evening shots – we can use pools of light from various downlights and lamps to create pockets of interest in the image and give an overall rich and cosy feeling to the space. You can then select what best works for your needs and we can progress an image from there.

We then work on refining the details, furnishing textures for example, as we work closely with your interior designers or we can aid you with that process as well should you need us to. 

All of these things are brought together to produce what we hope to be an enticing and more importantly inviting, interior image.

AOI Studios - Loft Family Bathroom

Residential Visualisation

A key element of residential marketing is interior design. Showing the space with a well considered furnished fitout enables the viewer to see it’s full potential. We are used to working directly with interior designers to achieve the best solution or we can offer up our own experience to come up with a design that works best for the images.

As mentioned in the Interior Visuals section, we need to make the scene feel inhabited to allow the viewer to imagine themselves there. This is done by dressing the space, adding ornaments, clutter, imperfections such as throws/blankets. All these elements have to be considered to produce a successful interior image.

AOI Studios - 10QSP Reception London

Commercial Visualisation

Interior visuals for commercial marketing are a vital tool for property agents and developers to instantly show investors and occupiers the value in the design/space. It’s the best way to really show off the detail in the design and finishes and get a good feel for the scale of the build or the first point of contact in the reception/lobby and so on.

We will work directly with the architects to make sure the design is accurately represented to the finest detail and then we can work with you to make sure the overall ‘tone’ of the right for your marketing strategy.

Restaurant & Retail Visualisation

Retail visualisation is a great tool for interior designers to not only sell the final design but to help with development of the design in the first place. We work directly with interior designers not just to create their finished product but to enable them to test setups at the ideas stage allowing them to see how they can work in real world scenarios. Working in this way allows relatively quick iterations of designs/layouts to get the best possible solution for the space.

Once this is done, it’s then a great peace of marketing to show to prospective clients not just for the space it was designed for, but for what you could potentially offer other clients. It’s possible to generate multiple styles for one space should you require to show the range of designs you can offer and how each design can really alter the feel of the space available.

AOI Studios - Reception Manchester

Hospitality (Hotel) Visualisation

Hotel Receptions/Lobbies are the first real contact guests have with the Hotel. This first point of contact will set the tone for their entire stay so getting it right is of the utmost importance. Setting the right tone/feel to the space needs to be considered not only in the design but in the images as well. 

Following on from that, the hotel rooms themselves need to be emotive and welcoming and display a true sense of the brand and the image the hotel wishes to convey. Again detail is key but atmosphere and a sense of comfort need to be strongly communicated here to ‘sell’ the design and make the viewer want to be there.