Exterior Visualisation - what you need to know...

Exterior images start with the right composition however, there’s more than just camera angle involved, context has to be considered as well. It’s important to understand that although your design should take centre stage, the context it sits in is equally important to the impact of the image. Think of it as framing your development. That being the case we need to think about the image as a whole and the context needs to feel comfortable and correct in the shot.

Photomontages require some initial site exploration but once we get the right angle(s) the photography automatically brings a sense of realism that the viewer connects with. The important thing is to ensure the CG element stays true to the rest of the scene it sits into. We do this by accurately matching lighting, reflections and importantly aging; considering what the buildings are subjected to over time, even the first few weeks of a buildings lifetime. Metal cladding is unlikely to stay factory fresh forever. Stone can be subject to slight discolourations and so on. All of these elements a person subconsciously expects to see so they are all considered and added in where appropriate.

When we approach full CG exterior shots, we get much more freedom of movement with the camera but an added difficulty of making the context feel natural. Again, it’s the imperfections here that make the difference so we make sure these aren’t overlooked.

AOI Studios - Consulate Green Garden

Residential Visualisation

Residential visuals are now a requirement for planning but more than that, they are by far the best way to sell to potential occupants or reassure clients. If they don’t have the experience to visualise the design from drawings and sketches then fully developed renders are invaluable. 

With external shots we need to sell the aspirations of the building and its immediate surrounding. Residential marketing focuses on the community as well as the building itself so it’s important to consider this in the images too. The context tells the story of the site so we need to make sure it isn’t dismissed but used where appropriate to enhance your project. That being the case a site visit is always advised and so we can get a feel for the area and take plenty of photos ahead of the main photography should it be required. Of course full CGI is a good option for those sites that are more restricted.

Commercial Visualisation

Commercial visualisation is probably one of the property agents best assets when selling marketing and selling. When time is key, a great CGI of the project has a big initial impact. It doesn’t require any imagination from a potential investor or occupier, it shows the full potential of what the development has to offer. 

We will work with you to make sure we get the best images possible for your project, we’ll generate a variety of compositions we think show the building in it’s best light, we’ll test a number of lighting conditions to demonstrate which best displays the detail of the design and fits the tone of your marketing/brand. We work directly with the architects to make sure now detail is missed and any issues can be raised and overcome early on in the process before we finalise the overall feel and mood of the images with you.