Eighty Fen Animation

We were approached by Yardnine and Beyond to produce an animation for the new Eighty Fen development, on Fenchurch Street in London, to showcase the quality of the design and numerous amenities on offer.

A range of images had been produced prior to the animation so we were given various scenes to work with and produce a basic animatic from. This is a wireframe previous of the camera paths we wanted to explore and an initial edit of how the film would come together.

From here we adapted the models and reworked some textures so that it would work for the animation process and then output a “white card” version of the confirmed camera options so that the client can get a better feel for the spaces and lighting as we move through them.

Once all signed off we could move into the detailed texturing and scene lighting, as well as any small in-scene animations for lift doors etc. We then setup the various render sequences and output base renders to drop into the edit ahead of compositing/post-production stage.

The compositing stage allows us to bring together all the various elements of the rendered camera paths and make tonal adjustments and colour grades to achieve the right mood and feel throughout the full animation. Everything is edited together along with the music to achieve the final film.

This was provided to the client in a few formats to use across various outputs; presentations, emailed to potential occupants, and on the main EightyFen website, links to which are page right >

This film was produced in collaboration with Beyond London. AOI Studio was responsible for cameras/lighting/textures/post-production/editing.

ClientYard Nine / BeyondLinkyardnine.comArchitectsTP BennettLinktpbennett.comYear2019