Consulate Green

This was our first project for new client Henderson Homes, the site of which was located in our local area of Bramhall. We were asked to complete a set of 3 images for a new build development containing 8 luxury two bedroom apartments right on the edge of Bramhall Park golf course just outside of the Greater Manchester area.

We visited site to see what photography we could shoot but the demolition of the old consulate building that stood here was well and truly underway so we took some reference shots of the surroundings and then produced the scene in full CG with the exception of filling in some gaps with what photography we could such as neighbouring houses.

We were able to work closely with architects at Maison IOM to make sure we got the finer details and textures of the design correct which was of great benefit to the final images. We then worked directly with the interior design team at Lifestyle Interiors sharing lots of reference shots and model samples to make sure the interior bedroom shot hit the right note with the target market.

The final images are now proudly adorning the site hoardings which look great at what must be 2.5m tall. Good to see everyday on the morning commute!

For more details or enquiries about the development please visit the Henderson Homes development page via the details page right.


ClientHenderson Homes / Noble IOMLinkmaisoniom.comYear2019