Park Road, Hale – UK

We were initially asked to produce this single marketing image for Connollys Ltd to showcase one of their latest construction properties however, during the initial production, this is due to expand into a range of interior images and 360 VRs.

We also ended up producing a range of images showing brick and mortar variations to help with the final selection for the extension section of the property which was of great benefit to the client as the brick was being sourced from Denmark and had not been physically seen and compared with the brick of the main house before. We’re always happy to offer services like this to help with the design where we can and hopefully help improve the overall result for the client and/or designer.

We’ll be sure to update this page once the remaining shots are completed as well as some links to the VRs so you can experience the spaces as if you were there yourself. Watch this space!

ClientConnollys IOMLinkmaisoniom.comYear2020