Dukes Lodge Animation

Duke’s Lodge is a six-storey, neo-Georgian 1930s apartment building on Holland Park in London. The property has been re-developed into a multi-use offering housing business suites, a spa & gym, as well as residential apartments to the upper floors, designed for Candy & Candy by Pilbrow & Partners.

The building is spread out across numerous floor levels due to the nature of the road which ramps up from left to right. It was important to try and explain the various spaces with a walk-through style animation to give the audience a good idea of how the space works.

This project was a collaboration between AOI and Grade&Grain where we produced the film following on from their production of a set of beautiful marketing images. We just needed to tie the spaces together where possible, update some textures to work properly with the animation phase of production and then work in some subtle in-scene animations like the swinging rings in the gym, the water in the spa and the swaying trees on the street to bring a little more life to the film.

Once these were done and we had rendered sequences output we moved into post production for colour grading and tonal adjustments to make sure we had the right mood and atmosphere throughout and that all the scenes flowed nicely together as one final film.

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