The Loft

This project for a private client was commissioned to explore the possibilities of converting a characterful mill into a contemporary living space. The key requirement here was to make sure the modern interior design didn’t detract from the refurbished Victorian elements of the original mill.

We spent time referencing photography to build the interior space as it was with original steel framed windows and structural beams and brick, and then progressed to adding in the proposed flooring and new walls. There are lots of development shots shown as well as the fully developed final images as you will see above.

The bathroom shot was particularly special as all of the fittings were unique and created from scratch specifically for this space so we spent a long time getting these spot on.

We couldn’t have been happier with the end results, there was a lot of attention to detail here to make sure that the original features retained their character and didn’t feel like modern replacements. The furnishings were carefully selected and developed to compliment where possible the industrial feel of the space and celebrate it rather than cover it.

ClientPrivate ClientYear2018