Liverpool Cruise Terminal

Produced to help aid with the planning application for the new Liverpool Cruise Terminal, this set of CGIs for Stride Treglown helped to support the argument for the new cladding system put forward with it’s almost shimmering quality. There was great care taken to properly replicate this material attribute, the cladding itself retains it’s base colour in the majority of scenarios but quickly shifts to pick up the glints of the sun and sky.

We originally went to site with the intent of shooting backplate photography to drop the new design into however, when we arrived half the road and surrounding area was undergoing heavy roadworks. In the end we wandered up and down taking shots of what we could, context wise and then modelling pretty much everything else (for the ground level shot at least). Takes a bit longer but always good to recreate existing elements as well.

For the aerial shot we handed over to Stratus Imagery for the beautifully lit drone shot and then following a bit of camera matching, dropped in our scheme over the existing site.

Situated in Peel L&P’s Liverpool Waters scheme, the new terminal will enable the world’s largest cruise ships to embark and disembark at city’s waterfront. Construction is now underway and the old derelict structure at Princess Docks is being dismantled to make way for the new piles that will support the main building.

The scheme will include new public open space, hard and soft landscaping, and associated car and coach servicing arrangements as well as passenger waiting lounge and cafes in the main building.

ClientStride Treglown