Sixty Sloane

Sixty Sloane was originally designed to be the car showroom for luxury department store Harrods, indeed it was designed by the same architect for the facades of Harrods itself. Having gone through some redevelopment since then, the building is now setup for high end commercial office space as well as street level retail opportunities.

For this project, we had to rebuild CW Stephens original facade in the scene itself as well as the newer section of building to make sure we got the best results for lighting and clean-up. We got to work with scans of some of the original drawings which was great to see and in the end we got a perfect match to the existing building in the final images and the animation which you’ll find on our related posts section below.

This was a long process but in the end we got a great set of images and film which shows the redevelopment in all it’s new polished glory.

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