Kiss House – Internals

Following on from the various external visuals, we move inside to start exploring the design options for the interior spaces. We produced two seperate fitout options for a lounge to show off the versatility the design can provide. We got to explore the possibilities of finish for the bedrooms and the unique style options for the adjoining en suite.

Our client was keen to show the spaces “in use” rather than set up like a showroom. The appeal of the design is that it allows the purchaser such a vast array of personalisation that it made sense to make the images portray that connection to the spaces. Staged show house style shots can often feel impersonal and detached which jarred with the ethos behind this design so we got to play with adding imperfection into the scenes. Always adds an element of fun to our work as well.

As a follow up we also got to produce a quick animated timelapse of the kitchen / dining space to again push this feel of inhabitants. And everyone loves a timelapse.

ClientKiss House Year2019