Duke Street Hotel

Initial images for the proposed development of Duke Street through to Parr Street in Liverpool, UK. Designed by Tim Groom Architects and funded by developers Iliad, this new hotel is intended to help with the continued regeneration of the rope walks district in the city. With 190 rooms, the scheme also includes space for a large lounge/foyer, gym, dining room and commercial space. The development has already attracted a partnership with London based hotel company Room 2 moving forward.

The images themselves are 90% CGI with some photography filling in some of the more distance and iconic buildings on Duke Street which leads down to the docks and the far end of Liverpool One. We even got to model the famous Wolstenholme Square “balls-on-stems” sculpture! We went for a muted tonal pallet overall with soft light/shadows and, as the streets are quite narrow, in order to get more light and interest in the lower parts of the images, we opted for post rain streets so we could bring down sunny highlights into the shaded areas through reflections.

These are just the first shots from what should be a great set of images moving forward with a few more intimate street level shots and interior lobbies, rooms and so on.

ClientIliadLinkiliadgroup.comArchitectsTim Groom ArchitectsLinktimgroomarchitects.comYear2021