Lakeview House

A project of many parts. This beautiful award winning design project by Llama group started as an interior design project that developed into full structural renovations and extensions. Set in the glorious Cheshire countryside, the design evolved into extra accomodation making the most of the surroundings as well as housing new gym facilities and the impressive James Bond style car garage/showroom.

The Lounge itself is a cleverly laid out open plan space with elements such as the fireplace giving some division of areas so in this case separating the dining area from the cosy seating area and another screening wall giving some distance to the kitchen just round the corner.

The Skyframe sliding doors then open up the garden space beautifully to make the most of the connection with the views out across the lake and countryside.

This project is now complete and has already won the Best Integrated Home – Cedia Awards 2019 and is nominated for further awards in 2020. If you would like more detail and want to see photography from the actual project, just head over to Llama Group’s website, follow the link in details >