Epping Gate

Epping Gate 10 is the phase one residential development from Fairview Homes situated in Loughton. The site is comprised of 3 buildings offering 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The external images were created to show off the developments street level and give a feel of community as well as the level of quality of the materials/design etc. The internal shots were produced specifically to sell apartments off-plan and give a feel for the space and finishes a prospective owner can expect.

In terms of production, for the externals we approached the shots with a soft almost ambient light setup to soften the volume of brick and various landscaping materials as well as giving a warm inviting feeling to the site. The internals take their lead from that lighting setup too with a nice diffused light predominantly by daylight and not internal artificial light. The result of which is a bright spacious feel to the various rooms.

ClientFairview Homes / BeyondLinkwww.fairview.co.ukYear2022