Kiss House – Externals

Kiss House is a new design offering for those of us who want to configure a home to work for us. The houses come in an array of compositions and materials and sizes to fit every need. There’s an entire team that takes you through every stage from accessing sites and helping with planning, through design details and furnishing options, to completing the build and handing you the keys.

As this is a design so flexible for all to use, the images needed to show just how adaptable the design is so we settled on developing to completely different scenarios for a site; one large 4 bed option on a sizeable rural plot and another 3 bed on a more compact urban plot.

Due to the made up nature of these sites everything had to be done in CG so not only did we need to pay particular attention to the details of the individual Houses themselves, but also carefully craft the context surrounding the plots. We worked with lots of reference shots to set the correct tone for each of the sites and really work into the textures to make them feel well and truly worn in and grounded in the images.

This was a great project to work on due to both the close creative relationship we had with the client team and the encouragement to keep pushing the detail and the aging of the whole scene to achieve the look we wanted. We’re always up for a good challenge!

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